We meet for worship online and in-person. To receive our email newsletter with information about worship times and how to join us online, sign up online. You can also look for upcoming services on our event calendar.


As a newly planted congregation, our services are still irregular, but we aim to have a regular schedule of worship established by the fall of 2021. The best way to stay abreast of worship days and times is to sign up for our weekly email newsletter, which will contain upcoming dates as well as instructions on how to join online or in-person.


Our services are built on a Christian core, but often incorporate elements from other traditions, including the reading of sacred texts and the use of prayers and songs.

We seek to create worship that embraces the “ancient and future” ethic, building on the most ancient traditions while opening ourselves to new and emerging interpretations of worship and liturgy. It is not unusual to hear ancient plainsong and contemporary praise in the same worship service.

Many of our services and other programming will be available on our YouTube channel.