Casserole Ministry

When people are going through times of crisis, especially times of mourning, people will often bring them a casserole to tide them over.

But all too often, communities fail to live up to this model, especially when the challenges are those that people would rather not talk or think about (a divorce, job loss, scandal). And thus, when people are in their greatest hour of need, the churches and communities of faith that they’d relied on for so long are now tragically absent.

Our community seeks to live out grace, solidarity, and love no matter the challenge that a member is going through. This might be done with literal casseroles, but it can also be done with metaphorical casseroles that nevertheless provide sustenance and nurture in a time of need.

So, if you’ve ever been in a time of need and wondered, “Where’s my §#¢<!%& casserole?“—our community is for you.

Contribute to this ministry of hospitality and care: submit your casserole recipe!