A Note from the Pastor

Welcome to the Congregation of Saint Thomas the Doubter. It’s an unusual name, to be sure.

Rev. Mark Schaefer
Rev. Mark Schaefer

There are plenty of churches named after St. Thomas, but they’re usually called something like “St. Thomas the Apostle.” So, why St. Thomas the Doubter?

We feel that leaving space for doubt is important in faith. We do ourselves a kind of spiritual violence when we insist that we be certain about things that are difficult to understand. Or when we equate believing in certain propositions to be the same thing as having a meaningful faith.

In the same way that a person can really only be courageous if they feel fear but act in spite of that fear, a person can really only be faithful if they experience doubt but make a commitment in faith, in spite of that doubt. This is why one of our mottoes is “Doubt boldly—that your faith, too, may be bold.”

As a result, we seek to build a community of people who feel the questions are more important than the answers, and who are willing to live lives of courageous faith in the midst of a world of uncertainty and unknowns. We create space for questioning, for opening ourselves to new insight, and most of all, to support one another in abundant love and grace.

We invite you to be a part of this special congregation and to join us in worship or in study.

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