What We Believe

Our Congregation allows for a wide variety of beliefs and theologies. Nevertheless, we affirm certain core values and principles:

The Supremacy of Love

Love of God and one another is the cornerstone of righteous living. We seek to embody this radical, self-sacrificial love in our relationships and in our world.

The Need for Grace

All of us are broken and flawed individuals. All of us have fallen short. We affirm the power of unmerited favor and of forgiveness and reconciliation as a way of living in community.

Further, we believe that it is the receipt of this grace that transforms individuals and allows them to grow in personal and social holiness. Grace is not earned through our good works or right attitudes, it is freely given. But once given, the heart that is willing to receive grace is capable of change and transformation.

The Holiness of Doubt

We do not pretend to have all the answers, nor do we insist that anyone be absolutely certain of what they believe. We affirm that doubt can be holy as it leads to opportunities for faithful living.

The Importance of Justice

Affording equal access to the gifts and resources of society is the cornerstone of Biblical justice. We affirm the need to challenge unjust structures and systems that are used to oppress others for the benefit of a few. We affirm the need for Restorative Justice, seeking reconciliation between oppressor and oppressed, recognizing, as Gandhi and King did, that the oppressor is also in need of liberation from the structures of injustice.