Where’s My §#¢<!%& Casserole?

Back in May, Cara posted this brief note on social media:

On behalf of everyone who has ever experienced a devastating failure of ministry, I hereby officially coin the hashtag #wheresmyeffingcasserole. If you have ever been abandoned, blamed, ignored, or ostracized by your community at the time of your greatest need, this one is for you.

The response was telling. So many people have had this very experience. So many people have given their hearts to their communities of faith only to discover that that community was nowhere to be found when things became really difficult.

Aware that communities of faith will often bring over food at the death of a loved one or when someone has a serious illness, people are just as aware that in other challenging times, no one shows up at the door, no one reaches out. And you sit and think, “Where’s my §#¢<!%& casserole?!? Don’t I matter? Doesn’t my struggle merit the outreach of my community?”

If you’ve ever felt this way, know that ours is a community that endeavors to support everyone in times of challenge, with more than “thoughts and prayers,” and with real or metaphorical casseroles.

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