Prayer List

We keep the following individuals and peoples in our prayers:

  • The family and friends of Yusef, mourning his death
  • The family and friends of Jim, mourning his death
  • Bill, recovering from surgery for cancer
  • Elsa, in need of healing
  • Veronica, in need of support and mental health healing
  • Melissa, recovering from breast cancer surgery
  • Cheryl, recovering from cancer
  • 9/11 First Responders and their families, suffering health issues 
  • For the people of Ukraine
  • Dennis, continuing his cancer treatment
  • For those facing depression and anxiety
  • First responders in Ukraine
  • Sharon, diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Refugees seeking safety in our country
  • For healthcare workers on the Covid front lines
  • Those suffering from Covid or whose loved ones have died from Covid

To submit a prayer request, use the form below. Indicate whether you would like the prayer request shared with the pastor and prayer team alone or published on the prayer list. Please include contact information in case follow up is needed.