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  • Grace and Scarcity

    Perhaps it is because we view grace as scarce that we wish to be assured that we have figured out how to obtain it. Perhaps it is because we have an innate distrust of things that are free. Perhaps there is just something deep in our animal nature that wants to eat up all of the supply because we fear we will never see it again.

  • The Wedding at Cana

    Serving the Good Wine Last

    Because I just can’t stop thinking how surprising it was. The way that the old rabbis always talked about how surprising God’s grace was. How surprising it was that God chose Moses. How surprising that God chose David. God was always doing things in surprising places and at surprising times with surprising people. What’s to say that the good old days are the only times we could have hope? Maybe the good old days weren’t so good after all. Maybe, there is hope ahead. Maybe God is still capable of doing some amazing things. Maybe we should be looking forward to even better wine in days to come.

  • Star of Bethlehem

    Ahead of Them Went the Star

    And so, it’s interesting to me to read this story and see how it was that the magi found the Christ child. Though they consulted with the scribes and got the answer from the scriptures, the scribes and scriptures were not enough to help them find Jesus. To do that, they had to follow the star. They had to follow the light. In times of overwhelming darkness, we look to these stars in our firmament and follow these until we encounter the Christ child who waits for us at the end.

  • Setting Up a Tent Among Us

    The true power of the Christmas story is that the Word of God, that creative spirit of God through whom all things were made, the Wisdom of God, the Self-Revelation of God—that Word should become flesh and dwell among us.

  • In a Dream

    If there be a lesson for us this Advent and Christmastide, let it be that we have been given a dream: a vision of a world of peace, justice, love, and hope. A world in which the love of God reigns. God’s angel comes to us with this dream and bids us to wake and claim the Christ child as our own.

  • In the Reign of the Emperor Tiberius

    We are often impressed by power. The Roman Empire was one of the greatest empires ever to span the earth. A dread power in the world. Feared. Hated. The great beast of the Book of Revelation. Roman military might was accompanied by economic, political, and cultural might. A network of roads running from Spain to Syria on both sides of the Mediterranean. An army so disciplined that it could defeat foes who outnumbered it two to one. One of the greatest powers to ever stand on the earth. But Rome is no more. But the Gospel remains.

  • two pumpkins


    For if we choose to live lives of gratitude for what God has already done, we make ourselves open to the possibilities of what God can do in our lives.

  • Out of Our Poverty

    The witness of Mark’s gospel is clear: self-sacrifice, commitment, and perhaps even suffering are part of discipleship. They are what it means to be a Christian—to follow in the footsteps of the one who sacrificed everything for the sake of God’s kingdom.

  • Jesus heals Bartimaeus


    Faith is like a light we shine on the world. And the light we shine helps us to see the world not as it is, perhaps, but as God intends it to be.