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  • Townhouse with tree stump in front yard

    A Shoot from the Stump

    But what we forget is to be surprised by our faith. We forget the power and freedom of God to do not just what we ask for or think God should do but to surprise us beyond our expectations.

  • Christ King of Kings Icon

    A King Like No Other

    There is some embarrassment in the modern church about Christ the King Sunday. It’s viewed as patriarchal, monarchist, and imperialist: all the things that a good modern-day Christian should oppose. And we should. But there’s something missing from that understanding, and that’s that proclaiming Christ as King has always been a subversive act. 

  • Icon of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

    A God of the Living

    He responds to the Sadducees’ ingenuous question with solid legal analysis, theological understanding, and linguistic analysis.  But even more than the deftness with which he deals with the Sadducees’ hypothetical, he teaches us a powerful lesson about God’s nature.

  • An icon of the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

    Public Christians

    Jesus is making it clear: he’d rather have as his followers those who trust in God and know their own imperfect nature than those who assume that their heightened piety places them in a privileged position with God.

  • Tissot: The Flight of the Prisoners

    Making a Home in Exile

    What if the church, were not a place that promised that everything was okay, but that acknowledged that everything was not? What if the church were a place where people could be broken without feeling like they were somehow being terrible Christians because they still feel broken? Even after coming to church and singing hymns about how everything is great.

  • Tissot:

    In the Hands of a Few

    The chasm in the afterlife is erased when we fill in the chasm in life, when we take care of the poor, when we ensure that no one has to worry about where their next meal is coming from, no one has to worry whether they'll be able to afford life-giving treatment.

  • The Parable of the Lost Sheep

    What Matters

    So there is a scene in the Woody Allen movie Annie Hall in which Woody’s character Alvy Singer is responding to charges that he is a downer, that he can’t […]

  • Babel

    The power of Pentecost is that it creates a new definition of community: not defined by any one national or ethnic tradition, but as something universal, available to all people, as they are, and in their language.

  • Philippi

    Come Over to Macedonia

    that is true, then those with whom we would share the gospel do not have to become like us in order to receive the message. That grace is already present in their lives, in their cultural contexts, in their communities.