Our Pastor — Rev. Mark Schaefer

Rev Mark Schaefer pastor of Saint Thomas the Doubter Congregation

Reverend Mark Schaefer is pastor for the Congregation of St. Thomas the Doubter. Mark is a former Methodist pastor, now affiliated with the ULC, with decades of experience in preaching, teaching, and leadership. As a result of his own disappointments with the institutional church and those of so many others, he is committed to creating communities of grace, love, and justice, and helping to build spaces where people can embrace uncertainty and doubt as part of a vibrant and meaningful faith.

Reverend Schaefer has served as pastor in higher education settings as well as in the local church and has shepherded ministries of worship, justice, education, and devotion.

In addition to his service in the church, Mark is also a licensed attorney and is the author of The Certainty of Uncertainty: The Way of Inescapable Doubt and Its Virtue, published by Wipf & Stock.

You can follow Rev. Schaefer’s blog of sermons, reflections, and other articles at sometheologica.com.