About Our Logo

Most of the founding members of our congregation come out of the broader Wesleyan/Methodist tradition. As a result, the logo of our congregation bears echoes of that heritage.

Our logo has three main elements: the cross, the flames, and the waters. 

The cross represents Jesus Christ. The cross is a symbol of suffering and injustice and speaks to Christ’s solidarity with the world in our sufferings. The cross is also empty, reflecting the power of the Risen Christ.

The flames are a common symbol for the Holy Spirit. The three tongues of flame represent the Trinity and the three-fold Wesleyan understanding of God’s grace: Prevenient, Justifying, and Sanctifying.

The waters represent the waters of creation, the waters of the flood and of the Red Sea through which the children of God passed, and the waters of baptism. Together with the flames, the waters represent the baptism of the Christian “by water and the spirit.” 

The overall design is evocative of a ship, a historic symbol of the ecumenical church. The cross forms the mast, the flames the sails, and the water the hull.